Associate Scientist

Institute for Research on Poverty

University of Wisconsin- Madison

I am a social policy researcher who is broadly interested in the role of social policies in the lives of vulnerable children and families.

My primary line of interest examines how policy influences parental well-being for families raising children with disabilities. I am particularly interested in how current work-family policies, including early care and education (ECE) policies and paid family leave, impact families’ ability to balance work and caregiving responsibilities.

I also study the role of the child support system on the economic well-being of children and parents.

I am primarily a quantitative researcher with experience working with large survey datasets as well as state and federal administrative data, and I have training in advanced statistical techniques. I also have experience developing interview guides, conducting participant interviews, and using a variety of coding approaches to analyze qualitative data.

I have taught Statistics for Social Workers to incoming MSW students, and enjoy talking about (and teaching) research methods and policy.

My favorite Stata command is tab (variable), gen, and my favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.